"Roughing It"

Roughing it means something different to each camper. One rugged individual may think it's venturing into the Klondike with nothing but a knife and a book of matches, while the next may consider having no ice for the beer cooler to be roughing it.

Here at Camp N Comfort, we've decided to go with my wife's definition. She feels she's roughing it any time we sleep on the ground (in a tent, sleeping bag, on an air mattress, etc.).

If you're a camper that prefers to set up your bedroom from scratch on location, you will find links on this page to the products you need; Tents, Sleeping Bags, Folding Chairs, Etc.

We endeavor to be your complete solution for your Camping Needs, so if we don't sell it, we'll link to it on another vendor's site. If there's anything you cannot find here (or through here), please let us know by contacting WebMaster@CampNComfort.com and we will address the situation ASAP.

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